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“Actors generally get to do things they probably shouldn’t do in real life”

~ John Malkovich

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My Story

Jai Jai is an actor that has appeared in dozens of films, tv series and commercials across N.

America which include Suits, Taken, The Gabby Douglas story and living for love. He has worked with many of Hollywood’s finest talents including a supporting role with Academy Award winner Regina King, Omar Epps, Robert Townsend and Adam Goldberg to name a few.

Based in Toronto, Jai Jai has also briefly worked as a reader for Emmy award winning casting director Stephanie Gorin and continues to be a very sought after actor. His experience will undoubtedly help you to realize the necessary tools to attack every audition with confidence and the frame of mind needed to walk into every audition like a professional.

“I always go back to how people behave. If you watch how people actually behave in a situation, it’s very simple and honest and contained. You don’t need to use much expression, as much as feeling. Some characters will boil over and that’s another thing , but a lot of times I think you can just do very very little.”

~ Robert De Niro

“Where I think the most work needs to be done is behind the camera, not in front of it

~Denzel Washington


Coaching (Zoom)

* Scene work outline


Coaching + Self-Tape (Zoom)

* Scene work

* Record session

* Self-tape edit


In-Person Self-Tape & Coaching

* I come to you

*Professional studio set up

* Scene work

*Self-tape edit


**Ask me about demo editing**

how i can help you

coaching (via skype)

If you have an audition or you’re looking to train, send me your scene or I can provide you with one and we can break it down and get to work! We will work to fine tune your instrument so you can make bold choices while staying natural and true to the character.

self-taping with jai jai

I come to you!! If you have an audition and need to self-tape I will bring my travelling studio to your home, record you and have your scene sent to you or your agent within a few hours.  We can work on the scene before we record using my notes to deliver your strongest performance, or if you’re ready to go we can start recording immediately. 

Little Tips that can make a huge difference

Read All notes from the casting breakdown INCLUDING the character descriptions about the other characters. Why?

The more you know about the other characters the better you can understand how your character will talk to, or about them during your scene.

Read every scene on the page including the scenes your character isn't in even if they’re crossed out. Why?

The scenes that are on the page may have useful information that you can use to understand what the characters in your scene are feeling. Ie. If they were in a fight in the scene prior, you’ll know more of what the characters have gone through. Most of the time the obvious will be pointed out in the breakdown, but I’ve seen many script and breakdowns with vague information. Also, for movies and tv shows the more of the script you read the better style/feel you’ll have of the script.

Watch at LEAST one episode of the TV show you're auditioning for. Why?

This one should go without saying. You want to have the best understanding of the style and feel of the show. You’re not going to audition the same way for a sitcom as you would for a drama series. Different shows have different paces to them and knowing that will make a big difference.

Prepare different ways of doing your audition

WHY? You always must be prepared for direction in an audition. You can have two or three different ways of performing a scene, but the director might want you to be much bigger, or much smaller, happier, etc in your read. Always go with your most authentic version but don’t have a cookie cutter way of doing your scene(s). The last thing you want is to be given a direction and you perform the scene the exact same way.


Carlos Albornoz

My experience today with JaiJai was awesome. I immediately felt very comfortable and excited to work. What I really enjoyed about our self-tape session was the ease that JaiJai brought to our work. I also really liked the suggesting he was giving me, it’s nice to have a 3rd eye, especially one as amazing as his. If you’re looking to self-tape, there are so many studios out there, but with JaiJai, he comes to you and he helps make your scene even better with his fun, easy and professional coaching.

Carlos Albornoz

Dalien World

My experience working with Jai Jai was a productive one. I like the fact that he was professional, helpful and suggesting tips & feedback.

I’d definitely recommend Jai Jai because he’s flexible, punctual and his willingness to travel to your location with Professional, Quality, Affordable service.

I’m definitely satisfied with the quality of your service and thanks for the tips.


Dalien World

Hardee T Lineham

The experience of  self taping can be daunting and most often it’s never done solely by yourself. Having a reader/camera operator is a smart move but who do you want?

Someone you trust and even better someone familiar with acting on camera.

You couldn’t do better than including Jai Jai in your process, from the set up through the shooting, adjudicating, giving you crucial pointers, all the while encouraging you to stay relaxed and open, and finishing off with a terrific final product sent to the appropriate parties, this was an excellent experience.
Smooth, Professional, and understanding.

Just what one wants to put your best foot forward!”

Hardee T Lineham

Khalil Abdul-Malik

ai Jai Jones is a Consummate Professional who has made my life as an Actor Easier for me to just Concentrate on my Craft and not have to Worry about ALL of the External Stuff in setting up and lighting myself, let alone trying to find a reader at the last minute. The fact that Jai Jai is a Working Successful Actor who has shared the Screen with Oscar Winner Regina King is a great benefit as he gives very insightful and straight to the point notes to enhance and give your Self Tape the Performance it needs hopefully land you the gig. I Highly Recommend his Services!!!

Khalil Abdul-Malik

Lani Billard

Hey JaiJai!
I really enjoyed working with you. You made me feel at ease and I liked your coaching and suggestions.
Talk soon

Lani Billard

Leila Ois (Mother of Owen Ois)

It’s nice when the work also secures a job in addition to the learning Owen gets to do with you.

Leila Ois (Mother of Owen Ois)

Mary Ditta

Thank you so much for the coaching and the taping session.

We’re really happy with it and will be calling you again!

Mary Ditta

Olivia Barrett

I can’t thank Jai Jai Jones enough for his professionalism and expertise. I have used Jai Jai’s service for self tapes on multiple occasions, he has always accommodated my schedule.  With Jai Jai also being a well seasoned experienced actor this is an added bonus his guidance and wisdom through coaching adds extra value to his service he really pushes you to give your character everything. The fact that Jai Jai comes to you also creates a calm environment to work and perform in. I would recommend Jai Jai Jones for self tapes to any actor, he is dedicated to his craft and the clients he serves. Thanks Jai Jai!!!

Olivia Barrett

Anastasia De Lyon

I have to say looking back at the recordings, I couldn’t help but to smile endlessly – they look and sound absolutely fantastic!  I’m genuinely proud of the work we accomplished today, and a significant part of that success is thanks to YOU – Mr. Jai Jai Jones.  Your guidance, patience, and professionalism throughout the entire session were invaluable.  I appreciate your attentiveness to ensure that we captured the best takes possible.  Your reputation precedes you, and now having experienced your expertise firsthand, I am truly grateful.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you a thousand times over, and that’s just after our first session!  I speaks volumes about your dedication to your craft and ensuring client satisfaction.  Once again, thank you immensely!  I’m looking forward to working together again soon.


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